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Blown-in insulation offers a durable, low-maintenance insulation solution that will keep your climate controlled at all times. It will also offer significant savings in energy costs and an improved environmental footprint.

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Full-Service Insulation Specialist in Fresno

For many homeowners, insulation is something out-of-sight and out-of-mind. However, we depend on our insulation each day to provide climate regulation, keeping heated and cooled air in the home regardless of the weather conditions.

Homeowners seeking an insulation option that is easy to install and maintain are choosing blown-in insulation for walls, attics, and roof cavities. The insulation experts at Superior Insulation are proud to endorse this modern, effective insulation technique. With impressive R-values and exceptional ease of maintenance, it’s no wonder this is such a popular residential option.

Blown-in insulation offers numerous advantages over conventional materials and techniques. Blown-in insulation is highly airtight, and the material can fit into small cracks and crevices where heat would ordinarily escape. The blown method gives it a tight seal around beams, pipes, and other spaces. The tight seal is also moisture resistant, so blown-in insulation helps to prevent mold as well as rot and odors in your home.

Moreover, blown insulation is fire retardant. Made from fiberglass or cellulose, the tight seal prevents air from flowing through, thus providing adequate fire resistance. We install insulation quickly and easily, using the latest and most powerful equipment. Insulation material is simply blown from a hose, meaning efficient and rapid installation.

You’ll also notice the cost-savings associated with blown insulation. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll save on your energy bills––quickly paying for the initial insulation. Finally, due to the airtight seal, blown insulation offers noise reduction, absorbing loud disruptive noises.

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Installing Insulation

When your insulation specialist arrives at your Fresno home, they’ll come with all the materials and equipment necessary for a rapid insulation. We are committed to working safely in your home, minimizing disruptions to life as usual. Blown insulation is exceptionally fast, as well as highly cost-effective.

For ease of installation and mobility, the blower is equipped with a long hose. Insulation will simply be blasted into the wall, attic, and roof cavities, providing an airtight seal. In no time, your Fresno home will be permanently insulated, keeping in heating and air conditioning in any climate. We are committed to working with diligence and precision to deliver outstanding results to each client.

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Professional Blown-In Insulation in Fresno

Insulation is not just about keeping warm in winter. It’s about energy efficiency. It’s about saving money and saving the environment at the same time. It’s about keeping you and your loved ones safe, healthy, and comfortable.

Blown-in insulation is an efficient way to insulate your Fresno home. The team at Superior Insulation & Remodeling Pro has spent many years insulating homes across the region. Over this time we’ve built a reputation for reliable blown-in insulation.

What is Blown-In Insulation Made Of?

Blown-in insulation is made up of loose cellulose, fiberglass, mineral wood, or foam pieces. Each type of material comes with a slightly different R-value so it’s worth understanding these different materials. Normally blown-in insulation, because it is made of loose pieces, is composed of recycled materials.

That means it also has the characteristic of being environmentally friendly. At Superior Insulation & Remodeling Pro our job is to make your home more efficient and lessen the impact it has on the environment. The fact that blown-in insulation is recycled makes it a lot more attractive!

In the end, it is a difference in installation method that really marks these two types of insulation.

Is Blown-In Insulation More Efficient Than Fiberglass?

Have you ever tried installing fiberglass batt insulation in an attic? If you so, you’ll agree that it’s a pain! You have to crawl up there through a narrow little door, navigate among the beams above and below, measure the spaces, cut the fiberglass sheet, and hope that it all fits into place. Plus, with so many steps involved in the process, there’s a higher likelihood of errors. Come winter, those errors will leave you out in the cold.

Studies show that blown-in insulation has a variable R-value. This is because it is loose and can be layered differently in different areas. The R-value for blown-in insulation is between R-3.2 to R-3.8 per inch. This is comparable to fiberglass batt insulation which has a consistent R-value of R-3.7. However, because it can be a hassle to get fiberglass into narrow spaces, there can be gaps that are not accounted for in the valuation.

What is the Installation Process for Blown-In Installation?

Using a large blower, we shoot loose pieces of insulation into the designated space. Because it’s made of loose pieces of insulation, blown-in insulation is perfect for tight and awkward spaces that are hard to get to. This includes small attics and crawlspaces. By conforming to awkward surfaces, blown-in insulation has become a popular option for homeowners across Fresno and elsewhere.

It also includes walls. If you want to insulate the walls of your Fresno home with fiberglass roll-out, you’ll have to tear down the drywall. But with blown-in insulation, we can cut a small section and blow the insulation right in while causing very little other damage. It’s an easy solution for what would normally be a very complicated problem.

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